Breaking: In Less than 8 Hrs TN Gov Turns Back on Constituents Sneaks in Obamacare/Medicaid Expansion

Reporting Live From Legislative Plaza (Nashville, TN):

In less than 8 hrs since it was reported this morning that Tennessee Governor Haslam would not accept the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare things have swiftly changed. Haslam made his announcement this morning at 9:35 AM, which misled the people of Tennessee and the media to report that Tennessee would not participate in the Medicaid expansion. However, he shortly there after released a “new plan“, which the media did not report on. This new plan actually sneaks the expansion in through the back door. The Tennessee plan will “leverage available federal dollars to purchase private health insurance for Tennesseans up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level who don’t have access to health insurance, which would translate to

Legislative Plaza (Nashville, TN)

Legislative Plaza (Nashville, TN)

175,000 more insured Tennesseans.” This is essentially a copycat from the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. It uses the 100% federal reimbursement for three years under the disguise of “leveraging.” It is a carbon copy of the President’s health care law to provide health insurance for everyone—paid for by taxpayers– below 138% of the federal poverty level. One will be hard pressed to find the difference between Haslam’s “new plan” and the old plan. Legislators say they had a feeling the Governor would attempt this maneuver and to safeguard against it they crafted SB0804 (State Senator Kelsey-R) and HB0937 (State Representative Durham-R). The Governor has consistently requested that these bills be delayed for a vote and be kept out of committee. These bills were finally allowed up for a vote in committee today, but only after the Governor made his announcement that the state would “not accept the Medicaid expansion”. If they had passed without amendments it would have legally banned the state from accepting the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. However, it seems that the Governor had a hand in having the legislation amended and watered down. State Senator Mark Green amended the Senate version of the bill so that the Governor could still sneak in the expansion. The bill passed committee 7-2. The Tennessee Governor is attempting to pull a fast one on his constituents by telling the media Tennessee will not accept the expansion when in reality he has just changed the name of the expansion to something different. When state Senator Kelsey was asked what the forecast looked like for the House version of the bill he stated, “These legislators are spineless & don’t want to vote. Especially in the House. The whole thing is turning into a sideshow.” The bills have been amended and rolled to the next calendar year for a full vote. Senator Kelsey and  Representative Durham have led the charge along with the help of grassroots organizers to block Obamacare in the state of Tennessee. Haslam’s plan mirrors that of the Governors of Florida and Arkansas, which are so unpopular that state legislators are challenging their Governors there as well.

Tennessee Becomes Newest State to Completely Block Obamacare

This morning Governor Haslam of Tennessee stated he would not accept the medicaid expansion. In a 12 minute speech to lawmakers this morning he stated, “I cannot recommend to you that we move forward on this plan.” This comes as a surprise to many who have been mounting the effort to keep the medicaid expansion out of Tennessee. To block the Patient Affordable Care Act on the state level two things had to be done. First, the states had to opt out of the state exchange. Second, states had to block the medicaid expansion. Through grassroots pressure Tennessee residents kept the Governor’s feet to the fire

Nashville Capitol Building

Tennessee Capitol Building 

and managed to have the state opt out of the state exchange. The medicaid expansion was a much tougher battle. The expansion would have cost Tennessee tax payers more than $1.2 Billion in the next 9 years, and any savings from receiving the federal dollars would have been lost before 2016. Hospital Corporation of America and Pharmaceutic companies heavily financed the Governor’s election campaign and were all lobbying the Governor and legislators hard to accept the medicaid expansion so that big business could pad their wallets with more tax payer money. Many signs pointed to the Governor taking the expansion. He continuously told leadership within legislative plaza to keep legislation out of committee that would have blocked the expansion such as SB 804. The grassroots mobilized when the Libertarian Party and Tea Party came together and held rallies at legislative plaza.  They continued their battle by infiltrating the legislative process to show their support for blocking the expansion. The efforts of the grassroots seems to have paid off as Tennessee has just become the newest state to completely kick the Patient Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to the curb. The final step in ensuring that Obamacare cannot find its way back into Tennessee is to pass the legislation slated for a vote today in the Tennessee legislative session and have the Governor sign off on it.

UPDATE: Tennessee Governor Sneaks in Expansion Behind the Back of Constituents in less than 8 Hours of the Publication of Above Article.

Ryan Budget: Keeps Spending and Taxing High

House Budget Chairman, Paul Ryan (R- WI) has recently released his latest budget. The conservative appeal to the budget is that it is said to repeal the Patient Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in its entirety. However, this is not completely true. In fact, it’s false where it hurts the conservative ideology the most- taxes. Ryan’s budget keeps all of the ever-growing taxes from Obamacare, but axes the program otherwise. Those aren’t the only taxes Ryan wants to keep. His budget also holds on to all of the taxes from the fiscal cliff deal, which could lead our country into another national credit downgrade. Not only does Ryan keep the taxes, but he also keeps the spending. Ryan’s budget does not actually cut any spending at all. In fact, Ryan’s budget will cost more than $41 Trillion through the next 10 years. That is only $5 Trillion less than the Obama trajectory. On Ryan’s page the first claim made on his budget is that it cuts spending. This is a fallacy. Semantics at its best. In fact, it is the same fallacy used by the Obama administration that sequestration produced “cuts”. These are not cuts, but declines in the rate of spending. However, the increase in the rate of spending per year is still paul ryangreater than 3% per year. This still increases the publicly held debt to unsustainable numbers. If true cuts are not made the debt cannot be resolved. Ryan claims his budget balances in 10 years, which it very well may. However, this is accomplished through only slowing the rate of spending (not budget cuts), and keeping taxes in place that are crippling the middle class. Now comes the problem that the Democratic controlled Senate will obviously never pass his budget as is with the repeal of Obamacare. Once this budget is sent to the Senate, if it ever makes it out of the House, it will simply be amended to keep Obamacare in place. Then what are conservatives left with? They are left with no budget cuts and the same high taxes from the Obama administration. If conservatives wanted to successfully see cuts in spending and taxes they should have been introduced heavily in the budget sent to the Senate so that there would be room for compromise. However, this was not even attempted. Some have placed their eyes on Ryan as a potential 2016 Presidential candidate. He is often called tea-party by the mainstream media. However, the fact that Ryan’s budget funds an unconstitutional, undeclared “global war” (as he states in his budget) on terrorism for the next decade with no plans of bringing the troops home will not help him with the youth and the ever growing Libertarian stronghold gaining traction with Rand Paul (R-KY). Rand Paul has also recently introduced a budget, which balances in 1/2 the time, rolls back taxes, seriously cuts spending, and ends the wars responsibly.  Ryan also voted in favor of suspending the debt ceiling and the unpopular corporate bailouts known as TARP, which caused the Tea Party to abandon him. It seems as each day passes Ryan becomes more of an establishment type politician who are being heavily criticized by not only liberals, but the newest generation of conservatives.

Liberals Find a Conservative Savior: Rand Paul

It is no secret that the GOP establishment has been distancing itself further and further from the majority of America. The last two elections were lost by the party not because the candidate wasn’t “moderate enough”, but because the GOP establishment has hand picked the candidates, and champions of small government know that when the establishment becomes too big and powerful it is referred to as tyrannical government. Champions of the liberty minded type of conservatism believe that their political views  can win over a majority. Conservatives, liberals and independents alike can all be won over in the view of these select few Republicans. Many identify as Libertarians,  but whatever you call them they may have just proven themselves to be right. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) filibustered John Brennan’s CIA confirmation vote for almost 13 hours. Brennan, Attorney General Holder and the President Obama have been accused of believing they have the ability to kill American citizens on US soil without their constitutional rights by means of drone strikes. When the Obama administration and Brennan were asked to answer questions by Paul they refused to respond. Holder did provide a response, but it wasn’t the one Paul wanted to hear. Holder released a statement saying he believes there are circumstances, which would make the strikes legal. Throughout the whole event Paul continued to ask for answers, which were never provided. Paul said, “I will speak until I can no longer speak, I will speak as long as it takes, until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that our constitution is important, that your right to trial by jury is precious, that no American should be killed on American soil without first being charged with a crime, without first being found to be guilty by a court.” It looks as if the Libertarian minded, Republican succeeded in getting his message heard from coast to coast.

The Top 3 hashtags trending on twitter all night were:

  • #StandWithRand

    Rand Paul (R-KY) Filibusters Brennan Nomination

    Rand Paul (R-KY) Filibusters Brennan Nomination

  • #Filibuster
  • #SenRandPaul

Talk of Rand Paul dominated Facebook, Google searches, talk radio, late night television and even the mainstream media. His picture was front page on every media website. The remarkable events came when democrats started to drool over Rand. Many have questioned why a Republican senator from Kentucky is having to question a Nobel peace prize winner on why he believes as the President of the United States he can kill Americans without their Constitutional rights. Democratic leadership have remained silent throughout this process with Brennan and the Obama administration. Democratic voters had no one to turn to, but there stood Paul. Therefore, they stood with Paul.

The ACLU took it one step further by endorsing Rand’s efforts. Christopher Anders, Senior Legislative Council at the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington DC pointed out that,

“The information Paul seeks is easy for the administration to hand over – it ought to be a no-brainer. It ought to be upsetting for everyone, all Americans of both parties, to not be able to get a straight answer to what is a very straightforward question from Senator Paul. The American people have a right to know. Senator Paul is right to push for that information and I think he’s doing a very good job of exercising his constitutional duty as a member of Congress in our system of checks and balances to help serve as a check on the executive branch, on the president.”

Anders called the administration’s stonewalling “inexcusable.” “The standards apparently applied by the administration”, he continued, “are not standards recognized by any court in the land, any court anywhere in the world.” Demand Progress, a progressive think-tank, tweeted: “We lefties at DP are proud to #StandWithRand tonight as he filibusters the nomination of drone and torture supporter #JohnBrennan”. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) also joined in support of Rand Paul. The GOP establishment also got on board. Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee,  tweeted: “Attention all Republican US Senators… Please go to the floor and help out @SenRandPaul #StandWithRand”. Reince has been under attack form the grassroots for years now.

However, not all in the establishment were happy. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) tried to stop Rand Paul, but was unsuccessful. Instead of supporting Rand Paul on the Senate floor, Senator Graham was having dinner with President Obama. Senators Graham and McCain both took to the Senate floor today in sharp criticism of Rand Paul and those who stood at his side. One wonders what conversation Obama and Graham had at dinner that led to Graham’s remarks against Paul. “I was going to vote against Brennan, until the filibuster,” Graham, of South Carolina, said. “I thought Brennan was arrogant, a bit shifty. I am going to vote for Brennan now because it’s become a referendum on the drone program.” McCain said, “If Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. He needs to know what he’s talking about.” The grassroots is in an uproar over the GOP establishment remarks.

Holder released a statement to Paul today, which show his positions have changed. He now states the president cannot legally do this. Many wonder why it took Paul standing in the national spotlight for 13 hours just to get the administration to make such a declaration. Afterwards, Brennan was confirmed by the Senate (63:34) as the new CIA director. Establishment Republicans such as Corker (TN), Alexander (TN), McCain (AZ), Graham (SC), and Rubio (FL- who is losing popularity with the grassroots, liberty movement) all voted in favor of Brennan. Rand Paul and many of his new allies voted against the Brennan confirmation.
 It seems the message is clear. Rand was not asking his audience to stand at his side, but to take a stand against the tyranny he believes big government manifests itself into. Dozens of petitions that received tens of thousands of signatures such as this one began to circulate. Democrats and Republicans alike signed these petitions to send a message directly to Obama that they wanted answers. The event was not just popular here in America. People around the world watched and took a stand with the freshman Kentucky Senator. Is this proof positive that the establishment has been shaken to the core? For lovers of liberty one thing was clear. Paul’s filibuster was a shift in the balance of power even if for only 13 hours. Many Senators showed up to support Rand who had not supported him in the past, but this time they were riding his coattail for once. The coattail of liberty was rode by the entire world, and this is what makes Rand Paul so appealing to all. It seems as though Rand Paul was able to accomplish more in his 13 hour filibuster than his father, Ron Paul, was able to accomplish in his entire congressional career. Paul’s actions will not be looked back on in the future as a simple filibuster, but a historic speech that will be quoted for decades to come. Last night democrats and republicans came together in a way which hasn’t been seen since Reagan made his successful presidential bid decades ago and establishment leadership from both parties are not happy about it. Rand Paul has been pushed as a strong contender for the GOP Presidential ticket in 2016. Super PACs are already lining up behind him, and many believe this move just put him over the top. 

Obamacare will be Challenged Again as Unconstitutional

A little known secret about Obamacare began leaking a few months ago. The mainstream media has completely abandoned the issue. However, signs are beginning to point to hemorrhagic status as often times small leaks take up this route. What’s the secret? When crafting Obamacare Democrats and the President made a huge mistake. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, states were given the option to decide whether or not they wanted to set up an insurance exchange, which each state would run. Those states who choose not to set up their own insurance exchange would have a federal obama madeexchange set up in its place. States that do choose to set up an exchange are to fine employers who  do not provide insurance under the employer-mandate penalty. This money is then returned to the employees to purchase insurance through the state run exchange.

Here’s the flaw. So far more than two dozen states have opted out of the state exchange. Tennessee, Texas, Florida and Oklahoma to name a few. President Obama and Democratic leadership failed to add this same penalty to states who opt out of the state exchange in place of the federal exchange. Therefore, the dozens of states that have already opted out cannot be fined under the employer-mandate penalty. This would have left Obamacare in  shambles. So, Obama went to the IRS and had the IRS re-write the healthcare law. However, this is unconstitutional. Only Congress can make such changes to law. A lawsuit will be making its way to the Supreme Court soon filed by the state of Oklahoma challenging this illegal power grab by the IRS. Communications director for US Congressman Scott Desjalais (R-TN), Robert Jameson tells, “They made a huge mistake here. Congressman Desjarlais will be taking action on the issue and watching it closely in the Supreme Court. If we are successful in upholding this as unconstitutional it will make the states who have opted out of the state run exchange very attractive to businesses who bring jobs and prosperity. It will also make Obamacare even more unsustainable than it already is, which will leave the door open to defunding it.” Many states are moving to nullify Obamacare completely. If states opt out of the state exchange and medicaid expansion they can completely shut Obamacare out of their states. The Supreme Court ruling on this newest development will soon be the deciding factor to the future of Obamacare.