Sen. Rand Paul Wins Tennessee Presidential Straw Poll

A straw poll was conducted at the annual Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) convention in Nashville, Tennessee last Saturday. The convention was attended by more than 600 activists, state legislators and donors. A total of 373 votes were cast in the poll, which asked, “If the 2016 GOP Presidential primary was held today who would you cast your vote for?” Rand Paul took a total of 58% of the total votes cast. These results come in just after Rand Paul won another Presidential straw poll with a strong majority in Pennsylvania at the PA Leadership Conference. Rand Paul also won the coveted CPAC Presidential straw poll at this year’s convention. Multiple super PACs were in attendance at the TRA convention supporting a Rand Paul for President ticket.

Results from TRA Convention:


  • Bachman, M = 4
  • Cruz, T = 21
  • DeMint, J = 12
  • Gingrich, N = 10
  • Lee, M = 2
  • Palin, S = 13
  • Paul, R = 219
  • Perry, R = 8
  • Rubio, M = 33
  • West, A = 51

Win a signed copy of Rand Paul’s hit book, Government Bullies.

Rand Paul 2016

Win a Signed Copy of Rand Paul’s “Government Bullies”

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Description of Book: rand paul book 2

“Government regulations are out of control. They dictate how much water goes into your commode, and how much water comes out of your showerhead. They determine how hot the water needs to be in your washing machine, and how many miles to the gallon your car must achieve. Since the Patriot Act, your banking records, your gun registration, and your phone bill are easily accessible by government snoops. Mothers are arrested for buying raw milk. Families are fined for selling bunny rabbits without a license. Home and property owners are strapped with obscene fines, entangled in costly legal messes, and sent to federal prison, all for moving dirt from one end of their land to another. Unelected bureaucrats, armed with arbitrary rules and no need to back them up, stonewall and attack American citizens at every turn. The damage can be overwhelmingly taxing—financially, emotionally and even physically.

And who is being held accountable? Government regulation and red tape run amok in Washington, and honest, tax-paying citizens are the victims of an administration’s misuse and abuse of power. Now, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, takes an in-depth look at the legislation that is trampling the rights of ordinary citizens, strangling their ability to conduct private, everyday activities without egregious government interference. He highlights outrageous searches, seizures and arrests, and points to thousands of regulations that have been added to the books since Obama took office. Most importantly, he charts a direction out of this mess, and toward renewed freedom for all Americans.

These stories are of everyday Americans badgered and harassed by their own government—the very institution that is supposed to serve us all. This gross breach of our constitution is as frightening as it is real, and GOVERNMENT BULLIES is a call to action against it.”

Rand Paul’s Next Stop? Tennessee

Rand Paul (R-KY) seems to be on what many are considering a campaign spree. Rand is outpacing even the most ambitious names being thrown into the pot for possible 2016 GOP candidates. This shows his earnest desires to be a statesman connected to the people much like his father was, but also a far more pragmatic strategy where the Senior Paul could not deliver. Rand Paul was the first possible GOP candidate to hit the three early primary states. Paul has already hit South Carolina in January, here he addressed a group of Republican business leaders, and is already planning to return in the Summer to headline a statewide GOP gathering. He’s also scheduled to deliver keynote speeches at the annual dinners hosted by state GOP parties in Iowa and New Hampshire on May 10 and May 20. While in New Hampshire, he and GOP National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus are planning to hold a round-table meeting with tea-party activists in the state. Paul’s next stop is this Saturday in Tennessee. Tennessee is an important state for Paul, being from Kentucky, he is expected to have a strong showing in the neighboring state to the South if he decides to thrown in his hat. Paul is scheduled to deliver the Keynote speech at the Tennessee Republican Assembly Annual Conference. The event has sold out. James Gann, with Tennessee Campaign for Liberty provided us with the following statement:Rand Paul3

“I’m really excited to see Senator Rand Paul coming to speak at the TRA convention, and grateful to Sharon Ford and others at the TRA who have put this event together. Senator Paul has had a strong unifying effect between the libertarian and conservative groups within the Republican Party, and he provides a much needed voice for liberty on Capitol Hill. He is a candidate that I feel we can all get behind going into the 2016 presidential primaries”

Paul is scheduled to arrive at 10:00 AM to the Millennium Maxwell House hotel overlooking Downtown Nashville where he will first meet with organizers of the event before holding a book signing and delivering his keynote speech.

BREAKING: Boston Marathon Explosions Dozens Dead and Injured

Reports of multiple explosions coming from the Boston Marathon are causing widespread panic. One police officer is heard saying, “Oh my God. They are dead.” Dozens are injured as smoke fills the air while debris is scattered across the street. People are seen all around laying in the middle of the streets bleeding and screaming for help. Police, paramedics, firefighters and the national guard are all on the scene. There is no word yet on what caused the explosion. Sirens can be heard from all over the city. Two explosions at the finish line of the marathon have so far been confirmed.

Explosion from Boston Marathon

Explosion from Boston Marathon

Pictured is a scene from the street showing the fire and smoke from the explosions. One image that sticks out was a young man being carried off with both legs missing only bone and blood from where they once were. Police department scanner traffic indicated police were investigating “several suspect packages” on Boylston Street. Reports from New York City show that the NYPD is deploying countering terrorist measures to landmarks and hotels around Manhattan. 

Can State Senator Bright Beat Lindsey Graham

South Carolina, and for that matter the entire non-establishment GOP is sick of Lindsey Graham. Many names have been thrown around, but no one has emerged as a definitive candidate just yet. Three names do stick out the most though. If Graham is going to be beat it has to be done in the primary. If South Carolina is serious about having a solid US Senator who will not tred on their constitutional rights they will have to come together on one candidate to contest
Graham. If the vote is split in any way, Graham will walk away victorious. That’s the hope of the Graham campaign anyways.

Is Lee Bright the one to Beat Lindsey Graham?

Is Lee Bright the one to Beat Lindsey Graham?

One name is State Senator Lee Bright. Bright is said to be nearing a decision soon. However, he has been troublesome for South Carolina from the start. First, his poll numbers are troublesome. Bright was down in the polls by more than 10 points against  the liberal leaning, alleged rapist State Senator Hawkins and was far behind in fundraising. It was not until Governor Haley stepped in to help Bright and save the South Carolina’s image that he was able to squeak out the primary win. If Bright is to take on one of the most heavily funded US Senators it is concerning that he could not out raise and out poll a State Senator that one police investigator referred to as “one of the strongest rape cases I have ever seen.” Second, even if Bright can overcome his troubles at the polls his financial crisis presents another problem. Bright’s company owes Capital Bank more than $318,000 and is currently facing foreclosure threats. Bright prides himself on being a fiscal Conservative, but is having trouble with his own finances. This is something Graham will surely attack him on. Many within the state are against Bright running. One  federal congressman has even asked him not to run. To Bright’s defense, he does have an incredibly strong voting record. However, many worry that’s not nearly enough to put him over the edge against Graham.

Another name to stick out is State Senator Tom Davis. Davis is extremely popular in South Carolina, particularly the grassroots. Davis even has a National audience with 17k Facebook fans, and 7k Twitter followers. His social media presence dwarfs most federal representatives all around the country. However, Davis does not feel the time is right and wants to focus on South Carolina legislation.

Next is the most recent, and perhaps strongest name being floated around Nancy Mace. When we previously reported on Mace we had no idea of the viral response that would follow. Her name went viral and internal statistics show that her name has been shared more than 30k times on social media networks within the last 48 hours. Those hoping to draft Mace to run against Graham created a Facebook page last night. The page reached more than 500 fans in less than 24 hours and is growing by the minute. In contrast, Lee’s Facebook draft page has only 200 fans and has been active for over 5 months. What makes Mace so popular? For one, she has Tom Davis’ blessing. Davis is now a major force behind propelling Mace to run against Graham. Second, Mace is the daughter of Brigadier General Emory Mace (US Army, Retired), and first ever female graduate of The Citadel Military College of South Carolina. Mace is also the founder of The Mace Group LLC holding a Master’s of Mass Communication and Journalism, and a Bachelor’s of Business. She is a contributor to The Daily Caller and The Hill, giving her a National platform. Mace is also the author of “In the Company of Men: A Woman at The Citadel”. These credentials make Mace an incredibly strong contender and the Nation has taken notice. Mace has told us that Super PACs are starting to eye her and consultants have now been in contact. However, Mace is still unsure of what her next move will be.

With Davis out of the picture, it seems that the two possible primary candidates are Bright and Mace. With Bright’s financial issues, polling problems, and lack of fundraising many are wondering if Bright’s motive is to advance liberty, or his own personal agenda for a bigger stage. Both have solid intentions and goals for advancing liberty, but whoever ends up taking on Graham will need to be a well funded, well articulated, sharp candidate free of baggage.  The Graham machine’s gears are starting to turn and they will be working overtime as this unpopular, establishment Republican is not going to go out quietly.


A Woman Challenger Rises to Primary Lindsey Graham

Insiders and grassroots activists are starting to zero in on a primary challenger to face off against embattled incumbent US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Graham has become extremely unpopular due to his votes on taxes, the NDAA, gun rights and his position on drones. He recently came out against Rand Paul’s filibuster, which created National backlash against him and is refusing to support Paul’s efforts to filibuster Obama’s attempt at Second Amendment restrictions.

Nancy Mace Vs. Lindsey Graham?

Nancy Mace Ready to Challenge Lindsey Graham? 

The Challenger? Nancy Mace, daughter of Brigadier General Emory Mace (US Army Retired), and first ever female graduate of The Citadel Military College of South Carolina. Holding a Master’s of Mass Communication and Journalism, and a Bachelor’s of Business, she is also the author of In the Company of Men: A Woman at The Citadel . In addition, Mace owns a successful small business called The Mace Group LLC, which is a public relations and marketing firm out of Charleston where she is married with two children. Mace is a contributor to multiple national media outlets such as The Hill and The Daily Caller. Having these ties makes her dangerous to Graham as many primary candidates struggle to get National media attention.

State Senator Lee Bright’s name has been thrown around to run. However, many in the state do not want Bright (R) to run and feel he cannot win against Graham. State Senator Tom Davis (R) who was elevated to grassroots fame during the 2012 GOP Presidential primaries for endorsing Ron Paul was also eyed to run against Graham. Many were hoping he would. However, Davis tells us that he is focused on South Carolina legislation right now. Davis is actually now endorsing Mace’s efforts and pushing her to run. With Davis’ blessing, Mace seems placed to take on the challenge. Mace told

I believe we need a credible candidate who can challenge Graham. Someone who can bring together the liberty movement, the tea party, those who covet our second Amendment rights and the right to life, those who want to see greater economic freedom and prosperity brought to our nation through individual liberty and the free market. We need someone who believes in constitutional principles. We need someone who will not believe increasing taxes are suitable while ignoring out of control spending. What we are doing in Washington today is clearly not working. I am flattered by all of the attention. This is David vs. Goliath and it will take conservatives from across the movement to be successful.

Mace is popular in the Liberty movement and the Tea Party in South Carolina. Mace has confirmed that advisers are now helping guide her decisions and Super PACs are starting to eye her intentions ready to throw in their support for her.

Breaking: Taylor Swift in Critical Condition After Obama Drone Strike

Reporting from UCLA Medical Center: Twenty-three year old singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is in critical condition after the Obama administration orders a drone strike against the country-pop sensation this afternoon. Witnesses report Swift was downtown, Los Angeles at the corner of N. Broadway and 1st Street screaming the ancient Greek phrase “Molon Labe” at bystanders just before the drone strike took place. Doctors report Swift has been moaning, “Molon labe”, but is otherwise unresponsive. President Obama released this statement after the strike:

“The strike on Swift was necessary and imperative for national security. Minimal civilian casualties were noted due to the advanced technology of our drone program. The individuals who took Swift to the hospital are currently being tracked down by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI for providing aide to a suspected terrorist. Currently, DHS and FBI are in route to UCLA Medical Center to retrieve Swift and all who provided care to Swift. Providing aide, or care to a suspected terrorist is against the law and these individuals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

According to the Administration Swift was placed on the President’s kill list because she met the criteria for being a target as a United States Citizen.  When contacted, John Brennan, architect of the kill list criteria and Obama appointee to head of CIA, refused to comment. Brennan was recently at the forefront of rising GOP star Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster. Paul’s concerns, which prompted the filibuster was that the Obama Administration may attempt to use a drone strike on American citizens on US soil without their constitutional right to due process. For 13 hours the administration refused to provide an answer. Paul’s filibuster went viral, which finally prompted the administration to provide a one paragraph response to Paul saying that his concerns were not warranted and that the President had no such power. Today proved Paul’s concerns to be warranted. The Combating Terrorism swiftCenter is an academic institution at the United States Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, New York. They recently released a study of  “The Dangers of the Far Right”. Swift’s tax returns showed multiple donations to pro-life non-for-profits. According to the report, this support of pro-life non-for-profits is a danger to the citizens of America. Neighbors reported swift buying more than one week’s worth dehydrated food at a local surplus store. According to the FBI this is only behavior that a suspected terrorist would be involved in. Furthermore, Swift recently tweeted, “I can’t believe I have to pay so much in #taxes this yr! Damn #IRS! -Love Taylor.” According to a recent warning from the FBI this type of extremism puts IRS employees at particular risk, and is a matter of national security. The next day another tweet promoted investigation from the Department of Homeland Security. Swift tweeted, “I thought #Obama said #HealthInsurance #premiums would go down? #OMG Mine is ^$400 from last yr! #NoBama! -Love Taylor” According to a report recently released by the DHS, antagonistic language towards the President’s policies is defined as extremist behavior. Because of Swift’s extremist, terrorist like behavior the administration believes the attack to be warranted as a matter of public safety and security. Eric Holder, US Attorney General, provided the following statement, “I believe that our children are safer this evening and we can all go home to our families tonight and sleep soundly knowing that this extremist is no longer roaming the streets.” Holder was noted as saying that there could be certain circumstances, which would warrant a drone strike on American citizens on US soil before the Paul filibuster. This is of course a healthy dose of satire, but what if it wasn’t? You’ll notice all of the links are credible.