BREAKING: Boston Marathon Explosions Dozens Dead and Injured

Reports of multiple explosions coming from the Boston Marathon are causing widespread panic. One police officer is heard saying, “Oh my God. They are dead.” Dozens are injured as smoke fills the air while debris is scattered across the street. People are seen all around laying in the middle of the streets bleeding and screaming for help. Police, paramedics, firefighters and the national guard are all on the scene. There is no word yet on what caused the explosion. Sirens can be heard from all over the city. Two explosions at the finish line of the marathon have so far been confirmed.

Explosion from Boston Marathon

Explosion from Boston Marathon

Pictured is a scene from the street showing the fire and smoke from the explosions. One image that sticks out was a young man being carried off with both legs missing only bone and blood from where they once were. Police department scanner traffic indicated police were investigating “several suspect packages” on Boylston Street. Reports from New York City show that the NYPD is deploying countering terrorist measures to landmarks and hotels around Manhattan. 


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