Corker & Alexander Lie Again: Immigration Bill Will Put Americans to Work

The two senior Senators from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander (R) and Bob Corker (R) released a joint op-ed in local state media saying that the immigration bill they have been fighting for will put Americans back to work and add jobs to the economy. The only explanation they offer for how granting millions of illegal aliens amnesty will put Americans back to work is, “It’s possible that one of these immigrants may create the next Google.” Disregard the fact that most illegal immigrants in the country are not grossing 6 figure salaries as software, tech engineers. Also, never mind the fact that the amendments Corker and Alexander supported now penalize US employers $5,000.00 for hiring legal US workers instead of illegal immigrants. Corker took to social media to tweet his new claim, which posses no warrant that immigration reform will put American citizens back to work.

Corker, Alexander also claim that the bill will secure the borders. However, US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) withdrew all support for the immigration bill because Alexander, Corker and others voted against Paul’s amendment, which would allow Congress the authority to ensure that the borders were secure before allowing illegals to begin the process of citizenship. Now, the bill passed by Corker and Alexander does not allow Congress the authority to ensure the borders are secured.

Bob Corker (R-TN) Takes to Twitter

Bob Corker (R-TN) Takes to Twitter

Alexander, up for reelection this year, has faced mounting scrutiny from Tea Party and Liberty groups in the Tennessee.





  1. Lynne Stansbery says:

    When, Dear God in heaven, is SOMEONE going to do something or say something that makes good common sense?!!! “Might create the next Google”, seriously, I mean it – seriously!! A grown elected politician actually made a statement like that for amnesty thinking WE would but it! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

  2. Their comments are a complete twist of facts by using the fact that once the immigrants are given anmesty, they become American citizens so all of the illegals holding jobs that rightfully belong to the citizens already will “indeed” be held by American citizens. Nevermind that this move should never have been made or necessary if government and their flunkies had been doing the job for which they collected our tax dollars as wages to do. If Immigration and other entities of government had been doing their jobs, these illegals would have been jailed or deported long ago. Instead, we are forced to hand over more tax dollars to feed, clothe, shelter them and give them medical coverage that we as working class citizens cannot afford for ourselves while giving them not only tax breaks but funds to bring more of their families here. Here is a novel idea for government if they truly were working for the betterment of America. If you can find these illegals to give them all of these benefits, why in the hell were you not doing your job for which you were paid and now that you know where they are, use the wages you drew from the tax coffers without doing your job to pay for the plane fare out of the country for all of them and keep your hands out of our wallets. Maybe it is time that the American people start class action law suits for the return of government salaries, skimmed funds, illegal bribes, etc to be paid into the tax coffers as embezzled funds that were drawn but never earned. While we are at it, maybe we should force, DHS, CIA and others to refund all funds drawn since their inception as embezzled funds because they did not make America safer as they were paid to do. Then we should go after Monsanto, Big Medica and Big Pharma to cover the top of the line medical coverage for every American citizen for the next 500 years for their acts of dehumanization and poisoning of the population. That is just a start. It is time for the people to start putting their names to class action lawsuits that correct the wrongs and it is time for Congress to do its job and remove the President, Vice-President and all of the cabinet, before we the people step in and file lawsuits against all of them for failure to do their job and embezzlement, treason and endangerment to name a few of the possible charges.

  3. steve leboeuf says:

    Well you dumbasses need to make another decision. if you give anyone tax exempt , It should be the tax payer. I’m tired of giving up one third of my pay check to pay for your bullshit. If they go tax exempt so will I. You bastards work for me . I don’t work for lazy assholes like you.

  4. Doug Ibbetson says:

    Already emailed both of them telling them that my support for them and my political contibutions to them are history!

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