The Liberty Paper is a non-partisan web based news site commentating and reporting on legislation that affects the American People’s liberty domestic and abroad. It is the mission of The Liberty Paper to provide fact based information to the public in a non-partisan way and to find common ground that can bring Americans of all political parties together to secure civil liberties and constitutional rights for all. Oh, and a little satire here and there to keep it fun. *All satire posts will be marked with (POLITICAL SATIRE) at the end.



  1. Sounds like you’re an opinionated guy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to getting a chance to further explore your site.

  2. Ed Mazlish says:

    “…democracy is nothing more than mob rule where the wishes of 51% of the population invalidate and demean the other 49%…”

    Where did you get that idea??? Perhaps you should use some of that precious liberty of yours to read a book instead of spreading Chicken Little hysteria.

    • Ed, a Democracy is majority rule at the sole expense of the minority. America’s system has certain democratic elements, however the founders never mentioned democracy in the Bill of Rights, Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence. Actually, our most important protections are decidedly undemocratic. Take the First Amendment, which protects free speech. It doesn’t, or shouldn’t – matter if that speech is loathsome to 51% or even 99.99% of the people. Speech isn’t subject to approval of the majority. Under America’s actual form of government, (the Republican form) the individual, the smallest of minorities, is protected from the majority. Maybe you should read up on your American history and Constitution before claiming one is trying to spread hysteria without warrant. It makes for a very poor argument.

      • Exactly. A pure democracy is nothing more than a tyranny of the majority and the Founders were aware of this. One of the things that our Constitution and republican form of government is supposed to do is protect the rights of minorities.

      • Thank you for educating Ed on the differences between a democracy and a republic. It is this sort of information that I appreciate being available on the internet as it is a nearly immediate response to ignorance and misinformation. It’s sad that our kids are not taught this in school and usually hear our politicians say “we are a democracy” rather than the correct “we are a republic.” Thanks for this page, I’m glad I found it!

  3. natschultz says:

    No, not protect the rights of “minorities.” The Constitutional Republic of the United States exists solely to prevent the Rights of EACH INDIVIDUAL from being infringed upon by those (either one or many) who would exert either FORCE or REPRESSION to make others conform to his or her personal opinion of “values,” “morals,” “ethics” etc.

    If the government was doing its job, it would neither be allowing the “progressive” masses to dictate, nor would it be actively passing laws that LIMIT Free Speech and infringe upon individuals’ Religious Liberty by forcing religious people to violate their beliefs as a “requirement for citizenship.”

    We are absolutely NO LONGER the United States of America: We are the FASCIST States of America.

    Case in point: In New York State, parents have ZERO RIGHT to access ANY medical records for their own children once they turn age 12. The law was passed so the schools could provide birth control and abortions to innocent girls (the public schools brainwash them to become whores in the first place). BUT, parents are still REQUIRED to foot the bill for any medical procedures (although the child never has to inform them what it is they are paying for), as well as feed and house them.

    WE, the “citizens” are nothing more than SLAVES. The only way we are “free” is to CHOOSE to MURDER our unborn children to save them from becoming SLAVES of the STATE. Otherwise, the STATE holds the parents in financial SHACKLES while it brainwashes the minds of the young so that they are WILLING SERFS of the PROGRESSIVE/COMMUNIST TOTALITARIAN REGIME.

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