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  1. Please contact me about mutual reporting interests. I run in Chattanooga, with many interesting stories about Tennessee politics.




    I hope these texts will give a free-market and biblical perspective on items that we cover. Please email me. — David Tulis

  2. When can we expect an answer on running to oust the Republic-destroying Grahamnasty from the US Senate? SC needs some help and we need it now!

  3. Why can’t we get this INDONESIAN IMPOSTOR out of our White House, Why can’t “REAL AMERICANS” under stand that this Muslum impostor Indonesian Anti American Arab in our White House is just that, An IMPOSTOR, FAKE, FHONY, Destroyer of the American way and life as we know it to be. GOD BLESS AMERICA, Mr. OBAMA HAS GOT TO GO before he destroys America totally. jop

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