Corker & Alexander Lie Again: Immigration Bill Will Put Americans to Work

The two senior Senators from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander (R) and Bob Corker (R) released a joint op-ed in local state media saying that the immigration bill they have been fighting for will put Americans back to work and add jobs to the economy. The only explanation they offer for how granting millions of illegal aliens amnesty will put Americans back to work is, “It’s possible that one of these immigrants may create the next Google.” Disregard the fact that most illegal immigrants in the country are not grossing 6 figure salaries as software, tech engineers. Also, never mind the fact that the amendments Corker and Alexander supported now penalize US employers $5,000.00 for hiring legal US workers instead of illegal immigrants. Corker took to social media to tweet his new claim, which posses no warrant that immigration reform will put American citizens back to work.

Corker, Alexander also claim that the bill will secure the borders. However, US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) withdrew all support for the immigration bill because Alexander, Corker and others voted against Paul’s amendment, which would allow Congress the authority to ensure that the borders were secure before allowing illegals to begin the process of citizenship. Now, the bill passed by Corker and Alexander does not allow Congress the authority to ensure the borders are secured.

Bob Corker (R-TN) Takes to Twitter

Bob Corker (R-TN) Takes to Twitter

Alexander, up for reelection this year, has faced mounting scrutiny from Tea Party and Liberty groups in the Tennessee.



BREAKING: 2012 Presidential Election Winner Already Determined

With less than 48 hours before the 2012 Presidential Election the winner has in fact already been chosen. Actually, the winner of the US Presidential elections has won before the elections were even held since the Clinton years. The mainstream media would never let you in on this though. A conspiracy theory? Absolutely not. Who won then? Goldman Sachs. They’ve been winning for quite some time.

If you polled Americans about Goldman Sachs there is a good chance that less than 20% would actually know who and what Goldman Sachs is. Goldman Sachs is no more than a private global investment and securities firm based in America. The word private is stressed because the business has no constitutional basis for connection with American government. After all, we have free-market capitalism in America right? Wrong. When government and private business intervene with one another in an unconstitutional manner, free-market capitalism does not exist. Corporatism, a little known term in America, is the result. In America we have corporatism, not free-

The real reason they are both smiling? They already know the election was over before it even began.

market capitalism, which is why it is odd to see liberals condemn capitalism when we have not had capitalism in America since maybe the the colonial days.

So, why does Goldman Sachs want anything to do with the federal government? Most businesses just want the government out of their ledgers right? Yes, but those businesses are champions of free-market capitalism. Goldman Sachs is not.

Let’s start with the Federal Reserve, another unconstitutional private bank that has a monopoly on America. The Federal Reserve lends money to the American government at interest for our government to operate. This money must be paid back to the bank, plus interest. However, the only place to get money to pay back to the bank must come from- the bank. So how do you get out of debt? You don’t. It’s literally scientifically impossible. So the Federal Reserve has total control of every single penny in America.  A private, unconstitutional monopoly controls the money supply. Plain and simple. How does Goldman Sachs benefit from this? By placing their executives into the Federal Reserve. Recently, William Dudley a former Goldman Sachs partner was named President and CEO of the Federal Reserve NYC location.

However, it’s not enough to place their executives in the Federal Reserve alone. It goes on:

Robert Rubin (Chief Operating Officer & Partner Goldman Sachs), Clinton’s US Treasury Secretary

Jon Corzine (CEO, Goldman Sachs), US Senator (D)

Henry Paulson, (CEO, Goldman Sachs), Bush Jr.’s US Treasury Secretary

It starts getting good with President Obama, which is ironic since Liberals don’t believe in the power of corporations and want them limited in every way possible:

Rham Emanuel, (Contract Employee, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s Chief of Staff, Now Mayor of Chicago (D)

Robert Hormats, (Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International), Obama’s Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment

Mark Patterson, (Washington Lobbyist, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s Chief of Staff Treasury

Diana Farrell, (Financial Analyst, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s Deputy Director of the United States National Economic Council

Stephen Friedman, (Director/Chief Operating Officer, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s FIAB Chairman and former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve NYC location (while simultaneously employed at Goldman Sachs)

Philip Murphy, (Sr. Director of Frankfurt, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s Ambassador of Germany

Adam Storch, (Vice President of Business Intelligence, Goldman Sachs), Obama’ s Managing Executive of the Security and Exchange Commission’s Division of Enforcement

Sonal Shah, (Vice President of Policy, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation

Alexander Lasry, (Analyst of Government Affairs, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s Senior Advisor of White House Staff

Gary Gensler, (Head of Finance, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s U.S. Chairman of Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Undersecretary of the Treasury, and Asistant Secretary of the Treasury in the United States

Gregory Craig, (Chief Counsel and Firm Lawyer, Goldman Sachs), Obama’s White House Counsel

So there you have it. Corporatism at its finest. What if Romney wins? Well, they are betting on that because of Obama’s poor performance and have given Romney over $1.8 million dollars to secure their strong hold on the American people. However, don’t worry, they are still hedging their bets by remaining a top donor to both candidates. In fact, Goldman Sachs is the biggest banking campaign contributor in the world.

With Goldman Sachs placing their executives in the Federal Reserve, the White House, in Congress, and directly hand picking other candidates of their choice and propelling them to office with unlimited supplies of money (like US Senator Bob Corker (R) representing Tennessee who is running for reelection this year) they can directly control legislation and money at every turn of the American market. Therefore making them the only clear winner of the 2012 Presidential Election and many more to come, unless Americans voice their opposition to the true terrorists threatening our liberty and prosperity. So much for the Republic and our “free” elections.

Qe3: More like QeInfinity -Call it like it is

Americans are mostly ignorant to the powers that control the nation. It is often said by Liberals that Obama is not singularly responsible for the horrid economic data. Well, in a way they are right. Benjamin Shalom Bernanke is really in many ways the monster behind the horrible economy. Make no mistake though Obama makes this appointment, along with a Senate vote, and Ben and Barack are playing wing-man for one another. Obama said of Bernanke when nominating him to be reinstated in 2010, “He just led the Fed through one of the worst financial crises that this nation and this world have ever faced.” However, the word “led” is past-tense. As in, everything is okay and great now- America is back. In 2009 Bernanke declared, “The worst is behind us and we are rebounding”.  Well the latest CBO report says we are on track for a certain double-dip recession, mounting unemployment above 9.2% and an additional loss of over 2 million jobs all starting 3 months from now. Bernanke has all but become the new sole leader of the newest 4th branch of government, which operates solely independent from the fallacy of checks and balances. Remember, the American people do not actually own their own monetary system. Every single dollar in your wallet is essentially fake money from a private bank that operates without any checks and balances from We The People. Understand that the Federal Reserve is not (in any way what so ever) a branch of government. Our Government borrows money from the “Federal” Reserve at interest to be paid back. This means that there is no way for America to actually ever be out of debt because to pay back the debt we must borrow more money from the Federal Reserve at interest to try and pay back the debt. It’s a viscous, inescapable circle.

Obama handing Bernanke absolute control in 2010

First, it is important to understand what Quantitative Easing is. There have been hundreds of books written on Quantitative Easing, so to keep it simple- when conventional economic measures fail (Obamanomics) the central banking system prints massive amounts of money from thin air to buy government debt to monetize the massive amounts of debt (eventually resulting is massive inflation when not resold as such was the case with Qe1/Qe2). QE only works when the central bank places the bonds back into the market and they are actually sold.

So why isn’t Qe3 actually Qe? Because there has been no limit placed on the amounts to be purchased or timetables to sell them back. Essentially, Qe1 and Qe2, “Let’s buy a bunch of bonds and see if it eases the market, then return them to the market”. Qe3, “We’ll buy them until it works and when it fails, just like it did the first two times, the resulting crash will leave a depression that will dwarf what we called the “Great” Depression. Then we will simply scratch our brow and say, “oh well” while the American people drown in an inescapable singularity of debt”. Without limits there is no need to even place a number behind Qe, nor is there even a need to call it Qe. It’s simply monetizing the debt at the greatest rates the world has ever seen.

-So Bernanke is to continue rewarding the same failed economic policies that put us in this mess in the first place.

You may find yourself screaming, “Well where are the conservatives?”- Are they not suppose to be the party of ending such madness? Well I’ll tell you where they are. They are casting their vote for Mr. Bernanke. In fact, of the 40 Senate Republicans only 18 voted to end the madness. What kind of conservative would vote to continue the same school of thought? To name a few: Bob Corker (TN), Mitch McConnell (KY: US Senate Minority Leader), Richard Burr (NC), Lindsey Graham (SC) and many more. Here is another shining example of the two party system fallacy in America. It’s more than simple bipartisanship. It’s flat out destruction of the nation. Sure, these people are to blame. However, the American people are just as as much at fault for continuing to vote for the same people who continue the same failed policies with no real regard to their supposed political party affiliation. Americans must learn to look beyond the labels and into the voting records. Additionally, America must grow beyond the emotions of politics and rely on hard, economically sound principle to guide them to success.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

The New Two Party America

As modern Americans we are told that here in the US our government runs mostly on a two party system. You are either Republican, or you are a Democrat. Some states don’t even give you another option. Those are your choices. However, anyone who takes the time to read a voting record will see that this is one of the greatest fallacies our nation currently faces. For example, in my home state of TN one of our US Senators, Bob Corker (R) has a voting record that is consistent with President Obama’s record 61% of the time. Obama being one of the most radical left wing democrats our nation has ever faced, is it not odd that a man has the audacity to carry an (R) behind his name on the ballot with a record that is 61% radically to the left? So far left that it is in-fact not Democrat vs. Republican, but big government against the people’s constitutional rights and liberty- nothing short of Communism if you ask me. What kind of (R) refuses to audit the Federal Reserve when over 16 trillion dollars in transactions (the largest monetary transaction in the history of the world) have occurred in less than 4 years? Are (R) not suppose to be fiscal conservatives? The kind who gets millions of dollars in funding from those big bankers. What kind of (R) is in business with the United Nations to take away America’s 2nd Amendment rights? The kind the receives incentives from powerful UN players. We already know that the (D) left has mostly morphed into something unrecognizable in American politics, but that was another story- Corker’s story is not at all unique to the GOP.

The truth is that the idea of Republicans vs Democrats is really a fast fading ideology of American politics. The new two party system in America is more like Liberty vs. Establishment. I hate to be one who looks like a screaming idiot on a side corner calling for Anarchy. That’s what the establishment likes to paint people like me as. The truth is, I believe in government. It has its place. Our founding fathers believed in this and therefore on principle alone it has validity. Government is to serve its people, not the other way around.

Thomas Jefferson famously said, “When people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

America: One Republic Under Liberty

Party loyalty has now dictated the path of liberty in America. Yet, it is not a path that America recognizes. Republicans voting for huge expansions of government, calling Democrats heretics for doing the very same thing- it makes no sense. If America is to be saved, it is not going to be saved by establishment politicians with agendas focused not on the people, but their own. The ones who care about America are the ones the establishment and liberal media want to silence the most. They will paint us crazy, delusional, and inexperienced. However, we run on the very principles that made this country the global power it was until recently. How is that so crazy or delusional? Don’t be fooled by the two party system that convinces you that you are making a different choice. You need only look at who funds the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Number one contributor to Obama’s Campaign: Goldman Sachs. Number one contributor to Romney’s Campaign: Goldman SachsSo it seems the election was over before it even began. Choose real conservative values over the fallacy of neoconservatism. Choose liberty America.