BREAKING: House Committee Will Not Allow IRS Worker to Plead the 5th

A republican lead House committee passed a resolution today that declared IRS official Lois Lerner gave up her right to plead the 5th after making an opening statement that she had “done nothing wrong” on a May 22nd hearing. lois

Representative Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.), chairman of the committee, said at the opening of  Friday’s meeting that, “I believe Lois Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment privileges.”

Judge Napalitano weighed in on Lerner’s opening statements last month saying that she had put herself in a position to waive her Fifth Amendment rights because she volunteered to say that she had done nothing wrong, broke no federal laws, or violated IRS regulations before she stated she wanted to invoke her Fifth Amendment rights. Napalitano says that if she refuses to answer any questions on those three subjects then she could go jail. Furthermore, that she is not allowed to tell her side of the story and then refuse to answer any other questions by invoking the Fifth. 

It now seems that Lerner will be forced to answer questions by the committee in regards to the IRS scandal, or face criminal penalties. 

Anti-Govnmt Search Engine Rises to Challenge Google

Necessity is the mother of invention, and one company is ahead of the curve. Are you worried about the Federal Government tracking your activity online? may be your new search engine of choice, and if you value your privacy it may have to be. Google is fast becoming too big for its britches. Their new privacy standards, or lack there of, which have drawn scrutiny from the tech world, and privacy advocates leave much to be desired. According to Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who is co-chairman of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, “The new Google privacy policy is: You have no privacy.” Combine this with Google recently handing over more than 11,000 individuals’ personal information to the government, NSA spying by the feds, the IRS scandal, the AP/Fox Scandal, and Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) comments that he would censor US citizens’ mail, and you have an American public that is suddenly remembering the need for their Fourth Amendment rights. In the legislative branch US Senator Rand Paul R-KY has begun the process for a class action lawsuit against the federal government, but what can the free-market accomplish to complement Senator Paul’s efforts? growth growth chart

DuckDuckGo was launched in 2008, but only recently has it become viral so to speak. According to online traffic reports DuckDuckGo’s traffic has skyrocketed in the past few months, and especially the past few days in the face of multiple privacy scandals under the Obama administration. Starting in January of this year the site averaged 1.6 million searches/day. As of this month the site is averaging 2 millions searches/day. This last week alone has been the most successful for the search engine since data began recording in April of 2010 (39k searches/day) with more than 2 million searches each day. Why the growth? DuckDuckGo promises an escape from the eyes of big brother. Their privacy policy states that they will not track you, filter bubble you, record you, report you, store your information, spy on you, sell your information, etc. There are many great features available, which includes one that allows you to integrate the search engine onto chrome and other browsers. Perhaps what makes DuckDuckGo so dangerous to its competitors, especially Google is that it provides something no other company does- the promise of privacy in a world where it is in short supply. The free-market at its best.

Obamacare will be Challenged Again as Unconstitutional

A little known secret about Obamacare began leaking a few months ago. The mainstream media has completely abandoned the issue. However, signs are beginning to point to hemorrhagic status as often times small leaks take up this route. What’s the secret? When crafting Obamacare Democrats and the President made a huge mistake. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, states were given the option to decide whether or not they wanted to set up an insurance exchange, which each state would run. Those states who choose not to set up their own insurance exchange would have a federal obama madeexchange set up in its place. States that do choose to set up an exchange are to fine employers who  do not provide insurance under the employer-mandate penalty. This money is then returned to the employees to purchase insurance through the state run exchange.

Here’s the flaw. So far more than two dozen states have opted out of the state exchange. Tennessee, Texas, Florida and Oklahoma to name a few. President Obama and Democratic leadership failed to add this same penalty to states who opt out of the state exchange in place of the federal exchange. Therefore, the dozens of states that have already opted out cannot be fined under the employer-mandate penalty. This would have left Obamacare in  shambles. So, Obama went to the IRS and had the IRS re-write the healthcare law. However, this is unconstitutional. Only Congress can make such changes to law. A lawsuit will be making its way to the Supreme Court soon filed by the state of Oklahoma challenging this illegal power grab by the IRS. Communications director for US Congressman Scott Desjalais (R-TN), Robert Jameson tells, “They made a huge mistake here. Congressman Desjarlais will be taking action on the issue and watching it closely in the Supreme Court. If we are successful in upholding this as unconstitutional it will make the states who have opted out of the state run exchange very attractive to businesses who bring jobs and prosperity. It will also make Obamacare even more unsustainable than it already is, which will leave the door open to defunding it.” Many states are moving to nullify Obamacare completely. If states opt out of the state exchange and medicaid expansion they can completely shut Obamacare out of their states. The Supreme Court ruling on this newest development will soon be the deciding factor to the future of Obamacare.