Establishment Attacks Rand Paul on Support of Tenth Amendment, States’ Rights

Yahoo News article released recently reads: Rand Paul’s Troubling Ties to Racists. The article uses the terms “Pro-confederate”, “neo-confederate” and touches on the Civil War. The source used in theYahoo News article is from The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative online news source, which published an article slandering Paul as a radical because his aide (Jack Hunter) has long been a supporter and advocate of the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution.

The Tenth Amendment reads: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.

In layman’s terms, if it is not one of the powers delegated to the federal government by the US Constitution then the federal government has no business exercising power of such matters. In modern America where the federal government controls what kind of shower you can use, the type of light bulbyou are allowed to light your house with and what kind of milk you decide to pour over your cereal in the morning it is no surprise that nullification is becoming a household word again. 

Rand Paul

Paul is the first modern US Senator to use the term “nullification” in support of reining in the powers of the federal government when it comes to unconstitutional federal legislation. He first used this when President Obama attempted to issue executive orders on gun control.

Paul recently visited South Carolina and spoke to a group of supporters in support of their efforts to nullify the Patient Care Act in the state through a nullification bill, which cites the Tenth Amendment. Paul says, “You know… READ MORE HERE

Nullification Goes Mainstream: Tenth Amendment Center Celebrates Anniversary

TenthOp-ed: by Tenth Amendment Center‘s National Communications Director, Mike Maharrey

A rainy April day in downtown Lexington, Ky. changed the trajectory of my life.

It was 2009, and I stood with several hundred people at one of the early Tax-Day protests that ultimately sparked the “Tea Party” movement. I don’t really remember specifics, although I do recall some fiery speeches and some pretty clever signs.

But I do vividly remember looking out over that crowd and thinking, “Wow, this is all well and good, but I need to DO something. Standing in the rain holding a sign just isn’t going to get it.”

I went home that afternoon and I simply couldn’t escape this deepening sense that it was imperative that I get personally involved in the political system. I didn’t want my kids or grandkids to ask me one day, “Daddy, what did you do when America was in the middle of its collapse?” and find that the only answer I had was “I stood in a park and then I voted.”

That day put me on a path that ultimately led me to the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC). I started out as the state chapter coordinator in Kentucky and eventually moved on to take the role of national communications director.

I’m thrilled to say, I found a place that DOES something and an organization that affords me the opportunity to DO stuff.

This week marks the Tenth Amendment Center’s seventh anniversary and I am simply awed at how far the organization has come in the three years I’ve been part of it. When I first started working for the TAC, we were pushing a few Tenth Amendment resolutions and trying to convince newspaper reporters we weren’t a bunch of racists. Today, as the AP recently reported “about four-fifths of the states now have enacted local laws that directly reject or ignore federal laws on marijuana use, gun control, health insurance requirements and identification standards for driver’s licenses.”

Nullification has entered mainstream political discussion. Recent polls show that a growing number of voters support states nullifying unconstitutional federal legislation. And the Tenth Amendment Center can proudly take a large amount of credit for making that happen.

At the TAC we DO stuff. And we equip others to DO stuff too. The organization not only provides tools to educate, it equips Americans to activate. From legislative tracking to action alerts, the TAC plays an integral role in getting nullification legislation not only introduced, but passed. Slowly but surely, we are putting a giant monkey-wrench in the federal governments exercise of unauthorized power.

All this becomes even more amazing when you consider the TAC’s humble beginnings. Seven years ago, Michael Boldin had the foresight to purchase the domain name. As he tells it, he just hoped to reach a few people and make them aware of federal abuses of power. From that vision, the website grew and has since hosted millions of visitors. From a living room blog, a national organization sprung up and grew, becoming a political force…so much so that we’ve endured attacks from Rachel Maddow, the Washington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center and the Wall Street Journal. We must be DOING something right!

Personally, I’ve found exactly what I sought: an avenue to DO something. The Tenth Amendment Center afforded me the opportunity to speak to thousands of people, write two books and actually see my efforts rewarded with tangible success at the state and local level.

This week, I celebrate the birth of the TAC. I am proud to be part of this organization. And I’m excited about the future. Over the next months, we will roll out some things with will make it possible to DO even more.

If you are looking for a place to get involved for the cause of liberty, I can tell you from personal experience, you won’t be disappointed if you plug in to the Tenth Amendment Center. We have plenty to DO and we need your help.

Consider volunteering. You can find ways to get involved HERE. And if you are looking for an organization to support financially, I can assure you, no organization DOES more with less. Click HERE to become a member or HERE to make a donation.

-Happy Birthday to you Tenth Amendment Center! Happy Birthday to you!

And many more…


Mike Maharrey  is the National Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center. He holds a B.A. in Mass Communications and Media Studies from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. He has covered local and state politics for several publications in both Kentucky and Florida, and won two Kentucky Press Association awards as a sports writer in 2009. He is also the author of Our Last Hope: Rediscovering the lost path to liberty. He is married with three children living in Lexington, KY.

Tennessee Becomes Newest State to Completely Block Obamacare

This morning Governor Haslam of Tennessee stated he would not accept the medicaid expansion. In a 12 minute speech to lawmakers this morning he stated, “I cannot recommend to you that we move forward on this plan.” This comes as a surprise to many who have been mounting the effort to keep the medicaid expansion out of Tennessee. To block the Patient Affordable Care Act on the state level two things had to be done. First, the states had to opt out of the state exchange. Second, states had to block the medicaid expansion. Through grassroots pressure Tennessee residents kept the Governor’s feet to the fire

Nashville Capitol Building

Tennessee Capitol Building 

and managed to have the state opt out of the state exchange. The medicaid expansion was a much tougher battle. The expansion would have cost Tennessee tax payers more than $1.2 Billion in the next 9 years, and any savings from receiving the federal dollars would have been lost before 2016. Hospital Corporation of America and Pharmaceutic companies heavily financed the Governor’s election campaign and were all lobbying the Governor and legislators hard to accept the medicaid expansion so that big business could pad their wallets with more tax payer money. Many signs pointed to the Governor taking the expansion. He continuously told leadership within legislative plaza to keep legislation out of committee that would have blocked the expansion such as SB 804. The grassroots mobilized when the Libertarian Party and Tea Party came together and held rallies at legislative plaza.  They continued their battle by infiltrating the legislative process to show their support for blocking the expansion. The efforts of the grassroots seems to have paid off as Tennessee has just become the newest state to completely kick the Patient Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to the curb. The final step in ensuring that Obamacare cannot find its way back into Tennessee is to pass the legislation slated for a vote today in the Tennessee legislative session and have the Governor sign off on it.

UPDATE: Tennessee Governor Sneaks in Expansion Behind the Back of Constituents in less than 8 Hours of the Publication of Above Article.