Rand Paul: The Next Ronald Reagan


A cavalryman depends on a strong-willed beast. US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), the equestrian-soldier is riding a sick horse. When the beast becomes too ill, and is determined medically futile the soldier places a bullet in its head. This act is not an easy task to carry out, but the soldier knows a sick horse is a dead horse, which is better put out of its misery.  For a cavalryman in the battlefield it is quick. In Washington, Paul will have to take his time- just as Reagan did. Reagan destroyed the GOP mold of his time. Many wonder, will Paul follow in his steps?

Ronald Reagan and the Paul Family during Reagan's 1976 Presidential bid. Ron and Rand to the left of Reagan.

Ronald Reagan and the Paul Family during Reagan’s 1976 Presidential bid. Ron and Rand to the left of Reagan.

It is quite remarkable that America has already had a Libertarian-leaning Republican, but the establishment GOP wouldn’t dare let you know about it. This man is more quoted, and revered than any other GOP politician in history. His name was Ronald Reagan, and he once said, “The heart of my philosophy is libertarianism.”  You will never see Lindsey Graham or John McCain utter this quote, but come election year they will claim themselves Reaganites. In 1976 at the GOP convention Rand’s father, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX, Retired), was one of only 4 republican congressmen to support Reagan that year. Reagan lost. In 1980 Reagan tried again, Paul still at his side, but this time Reagan won by a landslide. Reagan’s win marked the beginning of what many recall as the “Reagan Revolution”. The “Revolution” is a purposeful parallel that the Senior Paul carried on into his presidential bids. However, the two Pauls play a remarkably different battle plan. The Senior Paul’s battle was an ideological one. The Junior Paul’s battle plan is a strategic ground game. A game poised to not only win hearts and minds as his father did, but votes as well.

Paul will be able to pull together conservatives and independents from across the spectrum just as Reagan did. He can turn blue states red with his stance on droneswiretappingmedical marijuana and other civil liberties. He is the leading name in the 2016 GOP bid as of now. He has won every recent straw poll his name has been in, and has visited every early primary state multiple times. Also, he is winning the social media race with more than 1 million Facebook fans. There are also multiple support, and “Presidential Draft” pages for Rand Paul with hundreds of thousands of fans. No other potential candidate has this social media force. Look to the Obama presidential wins and we know that elections are now dependent on social media force. Furthermore, one super- PAC has been working feverishly on a draft effort raising thousands of dollars to send out “Paul for President” campaign garb.

This aside, the truth is that Reagan would never be elected in the modern day Republican Party without one hell of a fight. Thirty years has changed the game of American politics with the establishment GOP backed by war lobbyists, big agriculture and the pharmaceutics industry. Paul’s battle will be one against the largest machine yet known to man. Although the establishment holds more events, fundraisers and marketing in the name of Reagan than any other GOP politician in history they do not believe what Reagan believed. The grassroots will support Paul, many state legislators will follow and he will also bring in endorsements from many leading conservative think-tanks such as the Heritage Foundation headed by former US Senator and ally, Jim DeMint. Regardless, make no mistake; he will be met with great resistance in 2016. He stands headstrong against the modern day GOP on many things such as foreign policy and aide, and the establishment’s lack of bite when it comes to not raising taxes and protecting the Second Amendment.

Expect to see Paul square up against types who are marketed to the American people by the establishment as being “Tea Party candidates”.  Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan seem to stand out as these types, and are losing popularity with the actual Tea Party as they continue to align more with the establishment. The Republican Party hasn’t put one of their own in office since 1980 with Reagan. Is Paul the next Reagan? Paul can stand on his own merits, and no one should underestimate this. However, we also cannot underestimate the power of Reaganism.

For a ‘Revolution’ to occur, something must come to an end.  The question is will Paul be able to place the metaphorical bullet in the GOP’s head as Reagan did decades ago? If Paul does win- the Republican Party we know today will die. Many believe that is more than a fair trade.

Bipartisanship Killed The GOP

Somewhere along the timeline of America’s two party system socialism found its stronghold. That stronghold was to be found in the Democratic party, which is a crying shame when you review the ideals of Jacksonian Democracy. It is my firm belief that Jackson is rolling over in his grave at the Hermitage here in my home state of Tennessee.

Ronald Wilson Reagan famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. They left me.” Reagan would go on to become the most famous Republican and politician of our time. He is said to have set the ideals of economic conservatism. Since the time of Reagan, the left has become so extremely left that they very well may be able to outrun the speed of a photon to denounce anyone who is not an idealist of their current agenda. The Democratic party isn’t even left anymore- it’s just down right Marxist. I had a conversation with a friend the other day about Obama’s name change from Barry to Obama. This man, a self-proclaimed political big-wig immediately went on the defense. Saying, “That’s just BS right-wing propaganda.” Even though in Obama’s book, “Dreams from my Father” he himself states his name as Barry. I then asked him what was Obama’s excuse? Bush is invalid at this point. Sure, Bush screwed some things up- I’m not denying that. However, Look at what Carter left Reagan with. Did Reagan complain about Carter, sure he did- but was Carter a scapegoat to carry out a radical reformation of the country? Absolutely not. Reagan added 16.7 million jobs to our economy and left office with an unemployment rate of 5.4%, compared to 7.5% unemployment when he took over from Carter. Now, here’s the funny thing. Obama has added 0.1 Million jobs in the almost 4 years since he’s taken office (Yes, that’s 0.1) and unemployment is at 8.3% as of today, which is a 0.1% increase from only 1.5 months ago. When Obama took office from Bush unemployment was at 7.5% and Bush added 2.4 millions jobs to the economy. Not to mention the fact that Obama signed for a multi-trillion dollar stimulus at the cost of the taxpayers. Is the Carter-Reagan transition that much different from the Bush-Obama transition in terms of unemployment and economic situation? My friend’s response— “Well Reagan was just a damn gay bashing war loving right wing idiot.” My response to him, no actually Reagan once said, “Homosexuality is not a contagious disease like the measles…” and that prevailing scientific opinion was that a child’s sexual orientation cannot be influenced by someone else.” In fact, Reagan was a strong force of opposition to demeaning the rights of the GLBT people.

My friend was of course left speechless. He had nothing to say because my rhetoric was fact based and his only based on an agenda with no track record in this Nation. This is where my point lays. Being bipartisan no longer means reaching across the aisle to grab on to some Jacksonian ideals and blend them with the ideals of the Republic to build a strong nation. Being bipartisan now equates to reaching across the aisles to adopt socialistic ideals and the people who support such ideals are easily left speechless because their retort is never fact based, nor has it ever produced a positive record for which one can run on- instead they must run from it.

Mitt Romney is the guy that the Republican party decided they would put up against Obama (of course only after the GOP stole many local elections from Ron Paul and denied the voters their constitutional rights). Romney— I don’t hate the man for his money, I admire him. I don’t hate the man for his capitalistic ideology, once again, I admire him. I do hate the man for claiming GOP. The man who was the godfather of Obamacare, the man who supports the indefinite detention of American Citizens without right to a trial by jury, the man who supported abortion, the man who supports TARP and Cap and Trade, the man who wants to take away your 2nd Amendment rights, the man who raised taxes multiple times, the man who increased spending, the man who supports the Federal Reserve- that’s the man I detest. Now, if you got lost in all of that and thought I started to talk about Obama, then just look up Romney’s record and you’ll see for yourself. Romney, that’s where bipartisanship got us, the bipartisan monster that the GOP has elected to represent the ideals of the Republic. Are the aforementioned stances one in line with American Republic ideologies? It’s asinine to even suggest that they are.

Will I vote for him? No. However, that’s only because I do not live in a swing state. Tennessee always goes red by a huge margin. So my vote does not count here in terms of the general election on a two party system. Who will I vote for? Gary Johnson. The man who vetoed hundreds of “bipartisan” pieces of legislature that were unconstitutional, raised taxes on the people in his state, and did not represent the mold of the Republic. If I lived in a swing state, I’d be forced to vote for Romney. Go on, send your hate mail— This isn’t because I am abandoning my libertarian roots, but because Obama is no Democrat. He’s something much more, much more insidious, much more agenda laden. You need only look at what he told Russia’s Medvedev when he thought he was off the microphone:

Sadly we don’t live in a country where we can always vote on our conscious. Sometimes our vote must be strategical. At worst, Romney is an American Democrat, which is not what the country needs, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the Socialistic countries of the world having more influence here in the states. The GOP may be dead. However, it is in a revival. That’s what this is all about, bringing the Conservative Party back to Liberty. My vote is best spent spreading the movement of Liberty, making the numbers grow and showing force with such growth in the polls. Ron Paul’s ballot count jumped in every state anywhere from 100%-700% (not counting the ones thrown out by the bipartisan monsters) higher in every state primary/caucus from 2008 to 2012. This means people are awakening to the bipartisan death of not only the GOP, but of America. Yes, Romney represents the bipartisan monster, however, dealing with the mess left behind from Romney will be much more possible than the all out destruction left behind by another four years of an Obama dictatorship.

If there is one thing I can promise you it is this. If bipartisan politics is not destroyed, it will surely destroy us all. I leave you all with the wise words of one of the World’s greatest conservatives-

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” -Margaret Thatcher